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We provide 100% custom Logo Design for businesses.

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We are dedicated to providing your new brand the best image possible.

Logos, Business Cards and Websites

LogoNow excels at providing what we believe is the core of every business

or brand’s beginning.  A logo, business cards and a website.

We’ve designed over 17,000 design concepts for thousands of Australian businesses. Chances are you’ve already seen our work

LogoNow operates in Australia and we pride ourseves on professional business logo design services. We like to believe we have the best logo designers and are excited to put these design skills to work for your brand.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and beautiful designs at an affordable price. By focusing on small to medium sized businesses we can help shape and grow your business brand more intimately.

Our design services are not only limited to logo design. We can also assist with designing business cards, social media profiles and websites.

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LogoNow's 5 Step Design Process

We use a proprietary online tool that allows our customers to communicate directly with their designer.

1. Design Brief:

You discuss with your brand manager what your specific needs and visions are.  You will submit a LogoNow design brief outlining the various aspects of your prospective logo.

2. Gray Scale Concepts:

Within 72 hours you will receive 3 initial concepts that will be in gray scale as not to allow colour to distract from the initial designs.   You will have an opportunity then to provide feedback.

3. Colour Concepts:

Taking your initial feedback we will provide the following set of designs in full colour.

4. Font and Finishing Touches:

We then concentrate on the font and finishing touches

5. Final Formats:

Once the design is approved we provide the logo in all of the standard file formats to include .JPG, tranparent .PNG, PDF, .AI and SVG.  If you need any other specific file formats, we will include them as well.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to a brand manager to discuss your specific logo design needs.